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Past events

14 May 2022 BAPHON 2022 Symposium - Bouncing Back and Reconnecting
6 Apr 2022 DANYELZA In Combination with GM-CSF, for relapsed or refractory high-risk neuroblastoma in the bone or bone marrow for patients who have demonstrated a partial response, or stable disease to prior therapy
10 Mar 2022 Confronting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) with ASPARLAS as part of a Multiagent Chemotherapy Regimen
24 Feb 2022 The Only Recombinant Erwinia Asparaginase Approved For The Treatment of ALL/LBL
25 Jan 2022 Precision Medicine: The Evolution of Oncology Practice
9 Dec 2021 BAPHON Member Happy Hour Event (Oakland)
3 Nov 2021 BAPHON Member Happy Hour Event (Palo Alto)
19 Oct 2021 BAPHON Member Happy Hour Event (San Francisco) - Last chance to register!
4 Aug 2021 Improving the Quality of Sickle Cell Disease Care by Understanding and Addressing Healthcare Disparities
13 May 2021 Pediatric Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Unconscious Bias??
13 Mar 2021 2021 BAPHON Annual Symposium: Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
1 Dec 2020 BAPHON Team Okizu Fundraiser
5 Aug 2020 Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology
7 May 2020 "Hereditary Cancer in the Pediatric Setting" - cancelled
7 Mar 2020 2020 BAPHON Annual Symposium: Engage, Educate, Energize
12 Nov 2019 Immunotherapy: The Next Generation of ALL Trials
14 Sep 2019 BAPHON's 2019 Community Hike for Alex's Million Mile
20 Aug 2019 Optimizing CAR-T cell therapy for Pre-B cell ALL - Dr. Sneha Ramakrishna (LPCH)
24 Apr 2019 Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment
2 Mar 2019 2019 BAPHON Annual Symposium: Illuminate, Innovate, Inspire
1 Feb 2019 BAPHON sponsored Blood Drive
13 Nov 2018 To chelate, or not to chelate...that is the question
14 Aug 2018 Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) - Michael Jeng, MD

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